Who’s with us?

85% of people in the UK want to see action to crack down on tax dodging.

A number of charities and campaigning organisations are working together to call for a Tax Dodging Bill. We all believe that the current tax system isn’t fair, and that tackling tax dodging can deliver real benefits for people living in poverty in the UK and in developing countries. The coalition includes organisations tackling domestic and global poverty, and represents some of the broad range of interests that support tackling tax dodging. Many others, including academics, economists, politicians and parts of the business community also want strong action to tackle tax dodging, although they are not formal members of this coalition.

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Other people are speaking out, who aren’t members of the Tax Dodging Bill campaign

Sir Michael Darrington, ex CEO of Greggs:

“It is vitally important for society that companies bear their fair share of tax on their profits. To achieve this, it is essential that government pushes for worldwide international agreements to prevent companies moving to countries with the very lowest tax rates.

“Voters – and consumers - are demonstrating their anger about this issue every day. Whoever is in office after the next election needs to grasp this issue and change UK laws that allow companies avoid their responsibilities.”

Dr Rowan Williams:

“The campaign for tax justice has a moral foundation. A just society expects companies to contribute their fair share towards the common good. When some multinational companies find ways to manipulate their profits to avoid paying tax where it is owed, this has a real and direct impact on others, particularly the poorest in our world, because it takes away a major resource for building up a stable and serviceable infrastructure in society. People in developing economies need such a context if they are to grow and become self-sustaining; and they need decisive political leadership to tackle some of these practices, increase transparency, and help tax justice become a reality.”

Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee

“It is time for politicians of all parties to step up to the plate and commit to taking real action to end the scandal of corporate tax avoidance. Companies that cheat the system to get out of making a fair contribution to the societies from which they derive their profits are robbing the Government of money that could be used to tackle inequality and protect our vital public services. The Tax Dodging Bill is a timely and necessary contribution to the fight against global tax avoidance and I am pleased to endorse its proposals.”

Midcounties Co-operative, Unity Trust Bank, Co-operative Energy and the Phone Co-op

have all come out in support of the Tax Dodging Bill campaign principles and the need for the UK to tighten up regulation to ensure that business can less easily avoid paying their fair share of tax here and in the developing world. As Fair Tax Mark certified enterprises they are all publicly committed to paying the right amount of tax in the right place at the right time – however, they recognise that some other businesses are not. Alongside progressive trade bodies Co-operatives UK and Social Enterprise UK, they call on the next Government to give serious consideration to the provisions of this Bill and stamp out aggressive, artificial tax avoidance.

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